Early 2017, Foamdrones released its first micro quadcopter frame designed for indoor FPV. Our Baby Turtle kits provide a lightweight and durable solution for those who choose the convenience of one of the most durable, kid-friendly and furniture-saving wall-bouncing and floor-hopping micro quadcopter frames on the market! Throughout the last few months, we have been following the latest evolutions on the market and we noticed that 7x16mm brushed motors became increasingly popular, alongside brushless setups, with good reason! So here is our answer.

Same size, even more durable, and the extra horsepower that comes with 7x16mm motors! Baby Turtle building kits and finished hand-crafted frames for 7x16mm motors are available on pre-order now, as well as dedicated upgrade kits to modify your classic Baby Turtle frames for 6mm motors to carry 7mm motors. Click the button above to go to our webshop to place your order.

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Diagonal motor distance



103,5 x 103,5 x 48mm

Unassembled kit weight

3,50 grams (+0.25/-0.25 margin)

Assembled frame weight

about 4 grams, depending on the amount and type of glue being used

Color choice

Blue and red variations

Recommended for assembly

Flight controller

Any Blade Inductrix form factor board



Lipo batteries

Blade Inductrix style lipo batteries

Medium CA glue


Foam-safe CA kicker spray

For quickly curing CA glue, optional

Flexible contact glue

UHU-por, Foam-tac, Welders...

Sharp precision knife


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