Being my first creation that has been released to the public, this little micro quadcopter frame is Foamdrones approach to a durable and lightweight frame setup. A Baby Turtle is almost entirely made of EPP foam, providing a very durable yet lightweight setup. Put away your screwdriver, since you won't be needing it. The frame is glued together, the flight controller is popped in and your compatible "all-in-one" FPV camera unit is put in place with a dedicated yet simple mounting system! Ofcourse, feel free to use any other camera mount you desire to use! People who have allready built EPP foam indoor airplanes will feel perfectly at home with this kit, while people who are used to frame kits with screws and bolts will get a whole new building experience presented to them. To get a better idea about how it's put together, feel free to download the manual.

Baby Turtle kits for 6mm motors are available for purchase at Baby Turtle frame kits for 7x16mm motors can be obtained straight from me. Just drop me a message and i'll see how i can help you!







diagonal motor distance

72 mm


103,5mm x 103,5mm x 40mm

unassembled kit weight

2,85-3.50 grams

assembled frame weight

about 3,50-4 grams, depending on the type and amount of glue used

color choice

red, blue, yellow, white and green color combinations

Recommended for assembly

flight controller

any Blade Inductrix style board*

(Beecore, Beebrain, Acrowhoop...)


6 and 7x16mm

lipo batteries

Blade Inductrix style lipo batteries

medium CA glue


Foam-safe CA kicker spray

for quickly curing CA glue, optional

flexible contact glue

UHU-por, Welders, Foam-tac...

sharp precision knife

a sharp precision knife

*Makerfire boards do not fit the frame without some modification.

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